Cooker/Mixer KRS(Gas heating)

For beautiful candy coated nuts.

Cooker/Mixer KRS(Gas heating) for beautiful candy coated nuts


1.This is the best machine for caramelized nuts making that disjointedly gets untied.

●The machine with the original stir mechanism developed for the caramelized nuts getting untied be each one and it finishes it up caramelized nuts to which the caramel is beautifully coated. 

2.Mixing speed is free from low to high

●Ajust the right speed for your products. It is changeable anytime in the process.


3.Mixing head is made of stainless steel

●Simple design and application of stainless steel increases the durability in heating and easy cleaning.

4.Designed safety and hygiene

●It is easy structure to installation and detaching because there is no projection in the shuttlecock axis.



Caramelized nuts


Water supply needed.
Other dimensions are available on request. Other specifications than specified above are also available.
Above specifications may be revised for the technical improvement without prior notice.
This product is made in Japan.

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