Plant Engineering

From process line planning to maintenance services

Based on our many years’ experience and practice, Kajiwara is ready to propose food process line from preparatory process to product finishing process covering system designing, supply of equipment, maintenance services, as well as labor saving and improvement in food processing line.

Production planning

Based on customers’ production conditions and planning, we propose a production plan covering process flow chart.

Process planning

Prepare a quotation, specifications, lay-out plan of equipment.

Process designing

After approval of our plan and process by customers, designing of equipment starts.

Process construction planning

Prepare a process completion plan for customers’ approval, and after getting such approval by customers, prepare a completion plan of each and every section and/or equipment.

Production and procurement

Start production and assembling of equipment and procure out- sourcing equipment after careful and sufficient evaluation in technical view-point as well as cost-wise point.


Execute safety installation of equipment.

Trial operation

Assure process performance as per the approved specifications for further take-over by customers and explain how to operate process line as well as each equipment.