Sauce/Soup Finisher SF

Let sauce and soup be more mild taste.

Sauce/Soup Finisher SF


1.Finishes the product at high level of quality

●Purees sauce and soup continuously.

●Purees raw material attentively at high quality.


2.Compact Design

●Freely rotatable caster allows it moved very easily. It will not take a huge amount of space.

3.Easy to Decompose and Clean Stainless steel exterior makes it hygienic

●Sanitary piping and stainless steel exterior makes it very hygienic as well as having excellent durability.

●Decomposing and cleaning are easily done due to the simple structure.



Sauce, Soup, Tomato juice, Tomato puree, Gruel, Soup stock, Sesame paste, etc.


Above specifications may be revised for the technical improvement without prior notice.
This product is made in Japan.

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