FOOMA JAPAN 2024 was held at Tokyo Big Sight (Koto-ku, Tokyo) for four days from 4 (Tue) to 7 (Fri) June, where Kajiwara exhibited under the theme 'Labour-saving, automation, quality improvement and added value'.

The exhibition was a great success. The machines exhibited at the exhibition can be tested in the Kajiwara Customer Centre User Test Room. Please contact our sales staff with your testing requirements. We look forward to your questions and visits.

Name Of Exhibition


4-7 June 2024 (Wednesday to Friday)
Tokyo Big Sight (Koto-ku)
Booth Number
East Hall 3, 3P-56.

Machines KAJIWARA will be Showcasing during the event

caramel coating machine KRS+CC

  • ●Freehand at last! Automatic production of caramelised nuts!
  • ●The unique stirring mechanism developed for caramelised almonds allows each and every almond to be individually separated to produce beautifully caramelised caramel almonds.
  • ●Flexible Automatic Process Control (FAPC) enables fully automatic production without manual intervention.

Electromagnetic Steam 300 Grill and Stir Fry

  • ●Food remains in continuous contact with the scorching 300°C pan surface, yielding a delightful roasted and savory flavor.
  • ●Our innovative stirrer, renowned for its exceptional mixing capabilities, efficiently stirs fried rice, achieving a perfectly cooked, fluffy texture.
  • ●Whether it's vegetables or meat, the stir-frying process retains their juiciness, allowing for the creation of authentic flavors, even when preparing substantial quantities of food.

IoT-enabled Cooking Mixer OAM (steam heating) [NEW PRODUCT]

  • ●Enhancing Timely Detection of Anomalies and Failures while Advancing Manufacturing Process Digitalization Explore our latest lineup of IoT-compatible models!
  • ●Our sensors keep a vigilant eye on crucial components that have the potential to disrupt production, promptly reporting and alerting you to any irregularities or malfunctions.
  • ●Transforming production quality and manufacturing process information into actionable data is now a reality.

Continuous fryer with automatic cleaning function RFT [NEW PRODUCT]

  • ●Reproduces the authentic stir-fry feel of teppan(iron plate) cooking Newly introduced with an automatic cleaning function!
  • ●The temperature of the product rises to a high temperature range in a short time, with good penetration of the food. The drum does not trap water vapour, which results in stir-fried food with a good texture.

Heating and Cooling emulsifier Σ (steam heating) [NEW PRODUCT]

  • ●This single unit performs a sequence of processes, including heating, cooling, dispersion, emulsification, and temperature measurement, all under various pressure conditions, including atmospheric pressure, pressurization, and vacuum. This integration streamlines production, minimizes degassing, and results in substantial energy and cost savings.

Fully Automatic Tsubuan Unit (CAT neo) [NEW PRODUCT]

  • ●Delicious bean-jam making machine with soft and smooth texture and shape intact.Newly introduced with automatic washing function!
  • ●Granulated bean paste is produced fully automatically to suit your needs in terms of grain residue, shape, hardness and colour.

Small Cooker Mixer KR Quocco [NEW PRODUCT]

  • ●Explore our table-top cooker mixer machines tailored to a wide variety of applications. We're delighted to introduce a fresh automatic cooking alternative!
  • ●Simply feed in the raw materials according to the recipe, and the machine will cook fully automatically according to the pre-input process.