Thank you for visiting us at JAPAN PACK 2023


KAJIWARA exhibited at JAPAN PACK 2023 (Japan Packaging Industry Exhibition) at Tokyo Big Sight from October 3 (Tue.) to 6 (Fri.).

At the event, Kajiwara showcased a range of innovative products, including the Electromagnetic Steam 300 Grilling and Stir-frying system, designed for high-temperature cooking at 300°C with easy accessibility. Additionally, we will present the KHα low-floor Reokneader, enhancing workplace safety and hygiene, along with the Σ vacuum/pressure heating/cooling emulsifier for pressure-based dispersion and emulsification. Our booth will also feature the KR QUOCCO compact heating stirrer, a fully automated tabletop heating stirrer versatile for various applications, and the labor-saving bag squeezer, designed to significantly reduce manual labor.

Thanks to your support, the exhibition was a great success. The machines exhibited at the show can be tested in the User Test Room at the KAJIWARA Customer Center. Please feel free to contact our sales staff with your testing needs. We look forward to your enquiries and visits.

Name Of Exhibition

JAPAN PACK 2023 (Japan Packaging Industry Expo)

3-6 October 2023 (Tuesday to Friday)
Tokyo Big Sight
Booth Number
East Hall 5, 5-504

Machines KAJIWARA will be Showcasing during the event

Electromagnetic Steam 300 Grill and Stir Fry [NEW PRODUCT]

  • ●Food remains in continuous contact with the scorching 300°C pan surface, yielding a delightful roasted and savory flavor.
  • ●Our innovative stirrer, renowned for its exceptional mixing capabilities, efficiently stirs fried rice, achieving a perfectly cooked, fluffy texture.
  • ●Whether it's vegetables or meat, the stir-frying process retains their juiciness, allowing for the creation of authentic flavors, even when preparing substantial quantities of food.

Heating and Cooling emulsifier Σ (steam heating) [NEW PRODUCT]

  • ●This single unit performs a sequence of processes, including heating, cooling, dispersion, emulsification, and temperature measurement, all under various pressure conditions, including atmospheric pressure, pressurization, and vacuum. This integration streamlines production, minimizes degassing, and results in substantial energy and cost savings.

Small Cooker Mixer KR Quocco [NEW PRODUCT]

  • ●Explore our table-top cooker mixer machines tailored to a wide variety of applications. We're delighted to introduce a fresh automatic cooking alternative!

Low-floor Reokneader KHα(Steam heating)

  • ●Perfect for handling tough, dense ingredients, as well as delicate foods prone to scorching and those challenging to dissolve!
  • ●The alternating forward ("stirring") and reverse ("smoothing") rotation method safeguards against food drying out and prevents the pot's inner surface from scorching, especially when dealing with easily scorched ingredients.
  • ●The elevated product discharge point eliminates the necessity for operators to stoop down when removing the product, significantly reducing the risk of back strain.

Table-top heating and stirring machine KRjrα IH (IH Heating)

  • ●Equipped with the α-mechanism as a fundamental feature, this prevents the machine from rotating simultaneously, effectively preventing burning!
  • ●This series of tabletop heating and stirring machines can serve as bean jam kneading machines, mortars, and mixers, catering to users with their ease of use, wide range of applications, and high performance. They are suitable for tasks involving small-volume production, experiments, and research and development.

Bag Squeezer

  • ●Introducing the highly anticipated new bag squeezer! Effortless extraction of ingredients from the bag guaranteed!
  • ●No lingering ingredient residues inside the bag.
  • ●A straightforward design ensures hassle-free disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly.